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Mmj Intern ~ 30 Days Into My First Grow Pics

MMJ Intern

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Hi all,


I've been quite busy since my brown/wilting leaves post a few weeks ago. Four of my babies (1 unknown, 3 Purple Haze) are 30 days old today and thought I would share my glee.


Last week I completed my veg room (5x5x5.5ft) and have installed 400w set-up, a cool mist humidifier, several fans, and started mixing chemicals :thumbsu:


When I removed them from the 24 hour 4 ft shoplight in the closet, I added more Happy Frog original potting soil to allow the roots togrow. I also added a half dose of GH Bio Thrive grow to their last watering. I bought the BioGrow Go box and am excited about getting into playing with chemicals/nutes outside of class.



so far so good on this first grow :goodjob:


Thank you to everyone who has offered their tips and advice.





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