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Ideas To Inform Doctors About This

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hello all


not sure how this will be received... we are battling on lines in the political world and forgetting the grass roots of this movement the sick people... should we as in the mmma be doing somethings like holding medical conferences or seminars to inform the medical personal about how this is being used... at this time we should put those patients in front of them so there stories can be told to those who should know and see it first hand... this will also get us the chance to show doctors who may have forgotten this is a herb and has been used for 100 of years in treating medical problems before it was outlawed... figuring how to work out the schedule of speakers could be a challenge... i think the other doctors should also speak about how they feel is the biggie... plus those doctors can at this time speak of there patients they see having the most relief from this treatment... then could show there info to the others for them to see... then introduce some patients this might be the right way to give people 10 to 15 minutes to talk about there way of use and treatment methods... also what issues there treating and how they feel it is helping them... then it would be up to the doctors to listen or not... if this format is presented right and the info is presented well i would hope the doctors would at least be a little more informed about how this is helping some... im just not sure how to do the presentation of this so the most will come to this to at least see it... i know its going to cost something and i think a luncheon would be a good way to go... after that maybe a social event and drinks with mingling if it might help... i think also this is something most of us might agree about and be able to get behind and support with funding out of our own here on the mmma... im not working but i think i could put a together a couple of dollars or so for something like this... as i think it may help show one doctor to see things a little different... this may also be just a pipe dream and make no difference but we have to look at changing minds of others for use to move forward with this... i hope ive presented this so others can see what im thinking about maybe not sure... its on the table for other thoughts on this... thanks




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Cannabis has been used more than 100 years, more like 8,000 years of recorded history.


Doctors should be informed, or being in the medical profession, should already know about healing cannabis.


The Pharmicists could/should be a very important link between the patients and doctors.

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