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Record Marijuana Bust: $205 Million In Pot Plants Eradicated In Ventura County


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Officials from the Venture County Sheriff's department pulled in a record haul at a massive marijuana bust last week, the department announced today.


According to the official press release, the interoffice effort between a number of local officials and the United States Forest Service (USFS) managed to collect 68,488 marijuana plants at a large growing operation in the Los Padres National Forest just north of the city of Ojai. While the suspected marijuana farm was identified in June, the raid itself did not take place until July 13.


The estimated street value for the record breaking bust was $205,464,000.


A 9mm handgun and a .22 caliber rifle as well as ammunition, was also recovered at the scene. There was apparently some evidence of poaching.


Officials said that the area had also been well irrigated in order to support the growing operation. They warned locals to be on the lookout for growers, as this year's high rainfall has created optimum growing conditions. Fertilizer, pesticides and poisons were also found at the growing spots.


The plants were eradicated (set aflame) last week following their discovery, according to the Los Angeles Times.


The Ventura Sheriff's Office stated that this brings this season's total to over 100,000 plants





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Come on duder get real, the hydro operations do not inject pesticides and poisons? How much of your fertilizer or anti-mite do you really want to eat? Who needs to flush? And why? Do you concentrate what you flush and eat or smoke it? Why not? The reason you flush? Are you hoping to flood away harmful substances, pesticides and poisons and petrol-based hi-buck juices? Why not injest for lunch the stuff you give your plants? Becasue the labels are warnings, saying don't? But so many indoor growers allow their "patients" (victims) to injest the petroleum-based products--they goose the dry weight. Please be real man, i grew hyrdo 85-91 and until I sickened of the mites and molds, etc., and extra 'applications' summer ingendered, I controlled my warehouses environments with 'applicatron99% with "applications' (and that is still true, though more expensive and more sophisticated and deadly today). I whacked down bugs, molds, diseases and malaise with applications that are still on the market today, that today still affect humans similarly to injesting spray paint. Rachel Carson's dead, but her truth is much alive. Got any idea what her truth is? Ever read "Silent Spring?" The stuff she decried (not DDT but more sophisticated, unknown-effects generations are still around and hydro production is the biggest offender, because least regulated. How much spray paint you want to breathe (if you're not age 15?) Face it bro, most of what's sold in the hydro store for fertilizer is petroleum-based poisons and pesticides, and it's not mostly applied by outdoor, but by indoor growers.

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