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Patient In Need Of Meds!

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Ive been tryn to find some meds. im currently not growing at this time, and havent had any luck on finding on meds. work has been super slow, so just tryn to get by day to day has been a task. i live in the brighton/ howell area. i havent had meds in almost 3 weeks. and keep running into dead ends every where i go. perhaps meds for help in the garden or anything. my schedule is super flexable at the moment cause of work. so if anyone can please help i would greatly appceriate it. im hopefully gonna be getting back into my own place soon. and plan on starting my garden again right away. so i would not have a problem helping someone else out. ive helped out quite a bit in the mmj community. so hopeing someone will help out a brother in need. thanks in advance for any help.


king of buds

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Good luck on find meds if you can't pay for them. If I had any I would gladly give it away to another patient. But as it stands right now I am in the same boat I just moved to another city and don't have any meds and noone around me to get any. my self I can use low grad medicine it does the same thing just take more. but if you got the money I can get you medical great it run to oz around me from the so called caregivers. If you want help in growing for you don't know how then drop me a line I have 200gigs of information on growing.


(mod edit no prices in forums )

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