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Rally Support And Volunteer Opportunities

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Hello Fellow MMMA Members. It is my pleasure to be involved with assisting in the planning and prepping proccess for another Rally in Lansing, MI.


I am very happy to report we are working very very hard to get all details finalized. I know BB has let you all know that putting on an event certainly comes with financial obligations and we are working hard to collect donations and supporters to help cover these costs. We have 9 open tables at the Capitol that can be purchased for $250 and a Company/Person can distribute information.


We are also looking for donations for the Hospitality Center at the Loft. The donated items will be giveaways for attendees.


If you know of any businesses/Organizations you think would be interested please direct them my way.


Also anyone interested in volunteering the day of the Rally please message me your e-mail address and we would be more than thrilled to have your help.


Thank you everyone!! Can't wait to see you all on September 7th : )

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What kind of volunteering are you thinking of? I may be interested, but have people I'm driving so can't be there too long.






If you could help with assisting any patients who might need help before, during, or after the Rally would be perfect. Very sick people will be there who will need our assistance. : )


Thanks so much for reaching out.

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Bri, I am available. I live near the capitol and would be willing to help with whatever.




Awesome, thank you so much! Please send me your e-mail address and cell and I will be sure to touch base before the Rally. Will probably hold a Volunteer meeting Tuesday, the day before in Lansing.

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I'm hoping to find a ride. If I do I would love to help volunteer! I'm still waiting to hear back about a seat on the gaylord bus, which I'm hoping is soon.


Hey I spoke with the folks from Choice Collective today at the meeting at house of cannabis in Gaylord. Said they have about 20 seats left, and will each give up there seats and drive separately if needed as well. You may wish to call or stop by Choice again and ask to sign up... they are there giving out information and what not I believe, open until 7pm. (I believe)

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