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Mocc Public Meeting 11/16/11 7-9Pm


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Macomb Oakland Compassion Club




Wednesday November 16, 2011


7:00 PM


Location: 12 mile & Groesbeck area K of C Hall 16831 E. 12 mile Roseville, MI 48066


Preventative Measures in your Garden


Propagation Techniques


Please come out and support the MOCC. Without you we can’t do what we do.


Our goal is to educate people about Medical Marijuana. Our meetings are informative, interesting and educational to the novice and experts as well. Looking for a doctor? Need a caregiver? Looking for patients? The MOCC is the place to be. Our meetings are a great place to network and meet great people. We have a question and answer period following the speakers and demonstrations.


Meeting Agenda…


Opening remarks


Demo: Preventative Measures in your garden (Jack)


Propagation techniques, to include using Xtreme Gardening's Azos bacteria!( horticulture expert Alan from Northern Lights)


Azos is a beneficial bacteria that forms a symbiotic relationship on the roots of its host plant and starts fixating nitrogen from the atmosphere. With air containing around 80% nitrogen, it’s more than a sufficient source of the nutrient, just not in a form that can be absorbed by plants for growth. Azos converts the N2 into NH3 which can then be used as a food source.


A physician from Indica Approval will be in attendance to answer any questions.

Make your appointment with Indica Approval for the upcoming clinic on Saturday November 19th. CALL 313-909-2888 OR EMAIL INDICAAPPROVAL@GMAIL.COM


We are updating the membership emails. For up to date information please provide us with your current email address. Remember to visit www.thc4u.com . Stay informed about meetings, special events, news and more.


Looking forward to another great meeting!


The M.O.C.C.

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Tonight's meeting!


If anyone is in need of food, please come to the meeting we have a food bank over filling with food for those in need. Also Pizza and coffee will be served along with bagels.


Public meetings are free although we do ask for a donation if one can afford it. And public meetings are open to EVERYONE.


Reminder: Public meetings there are no open meds or meds for sale.

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ProPlayer420 i sure wish we had some thing likes this up here, get cold up here right now i think snow is on its way, hope to chatt with you next summer if the event happens aging have a great day

Right on Zerocool... I seen you guys were getting snow...bummer.. have a great day...


PS. Never to late to start a Compassion Club. Just find two other friends, a place to have it in, such as a local library which most are free or low cost, a restraunt as some don't mind the business especially if its going to be a small meeting of maybe 15 or less. You'd be surprised once you got started how many other people you may draw in. But I'll definitely be up there next summer. But till then stay warm!

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