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Planet Greentrees 11 16 11 Webisode # 68 Call In Number: (347) 326-9626

Michael Komorn

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Planet Greentrees 11 16 11 Webisode #68








CALL IN NUMBER: (347)326-9626


Live Every Wednesday 8-10:00p.m.






w/ Attorney MichaelKomorn




The most relevant radio talk show for the Michigan MedicalMarijuana Community. PERIOD.






Big Big Things tonight.




1. We will be in our New Studio.


2. We will have Live Music “ Thumbs Up” performing their interpretationsof the Velvet Underground via ukulele.


3. And all of the same community entertainment-But BETTER.






In the Studio


Komorn Law


Chad – Birmingham Compassion Club


Peanut Butter


Jamie Lowell 3rd Coast Compassion Center


Mike Mcshane “Red Dog”






Topics for Tonight:




Bill Schuette:


Why is he so obsessed with Medical Marihuana.


Wait a second, we thought you were a States RightsPolitician


What happened to the right to privacy?


Is he a modern day J.Edgar Hoover?

















1) If i live with someone who is a patient or caregiver,can i legally possess/purchase a firearm?




2) I own multiple firearms and am a cardholder, are thepolice going to take my guns away?




3) I am a veteran receiving benefits from the VA. can i get my mm card?










Bill schuette has been holding seminars to educate local governmentofficials and law enforcement about how to treat members of the medicalmarijuana program. Though we contacted the event organizers to try toattend, the doors were slammed in our face. How can Bill Schuette"Clear the Air" when half of the group concerned is blockaded fromjoining the discussion? To add salt to the wound, Schuette issued anopinion which stipulates that any law enforcement official who confiscatesmarijuana from a card holding patient or caregiver and then returns will be labeledas a criminal for aiding in the distribution of a schedule 1 controlledsubstance. Schuette went so far as to declare the act unconstitutional,citing the contradiction between how the federal government views marijuanaversus how states view it. Schuette appears to have a personal vendettaagainst the act and the members of the marijuana program. ill bein a new studio








An article released by USA Today shows that instances of babies born with addiction to opiates and pain killers has more than doubled in the past decade. In Florida, where prescription drug abuse is highest, Attorney General Pam Bondi has said, "I'm scared to death this will become the (next) crack-baby epidemic". Michigan's government and its citizens have recognized the harmful effects of opiate use on the mind and body, and have voted to allow medical marijuana as an alternative option to opiates. Though members of the medical community have recognized marijuana as a safe alternative to opiate use, why are patients and caregivers viewed as deviant criminals by our Attorney General and Law Enforcement? The stigma that surrounds marijuana was wrought over a century of prohibition. It is obvious that certain members of government prefer the old view of marijuana, the one that holds marijuana use will turn our children into godless heathens. The truth is that opiate abuse can turn our unborn children into addicts. Read the article by clicking HERE.




The American College of Physicians released a report including some of their findings on the medicinal qualities of Marijuana and expressed a desire to research the drug further. The report also includes that physicians would like to reclassify the drug as lesser than a schedule 1 controlled substance. Because the drug is classified as a schedule 1 controlled substance, it is more difficult to fund its research. Read the report by clicking HERE

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