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Prisoner Visitations...


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I have an idea in its early formation and not sure of how it would work out. Seeing some of the fundraising that has gone on to assit patients that have been incarcerated, I was also thinking that wouldn't it be great if we could organize an occasional visit to them. I can only imagine how lonely and depresing it must be to be issolated from friends and family.


Perhaps we could get permisson from these patients to do these visits and bring them small gifts that they might not be able to get such as toothpaste, magazines and other small items. What are your thoughts on this?

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This is a fantastic idea. I , personally do not want to visit a prison unless someone I know is in there. But I will donate supplies to victims of the system anytime, any place. My girlfriend works some crazy coupon voodoo so we get a lot of free things, much of it has already gone to troops and our friends in Afghanistan, the MOCC, and the ARC of Oakland county but we still have some stuff left!



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