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Media Turns Attention To Attacks On Medical Marijuana


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By Charmie Gholson, Editor


This editorial, “Bill Schuette at odds with voters’ will,” from the conservative leaning Times Herold editorial board is another indication of the beginning of media support for our community. Brian Dickersons’ oped six days ago, “Schuette wages war against the people’s law,”in the Detroit Free Press kicked it off.


As you probably know, the flow of politics swings back and forth like a pendulum’ just like life itself. Schuette has held the floor with the media for some time. He’s used his position of power to demonize the law and hold up a few individuals acting unethically as the shining example of our law and the folks who participate in it. He’s worked to undermine the will of the voters and remove protections provided in the voter initiated law.


The people of Michigan aren’t buying it. They see through this reverse language. Instead of “clearing the air” on this issue, Michigan Attorney General Bills Schuette is creating a smoke screen. Medical marijuana is not the crime magnet or downfall of society he claims it to be, regardless of how poorly written the law may or may not be.


Violent crime surges in our states largest cities ,with few police resources to handle it. Even when they do, the failed drug war has law enforcement scurrying after drug dealers instead of rapists and murderers. Ask your local municipal leaders how much federal money comes into your community to fight drugs, then ask them about resources provided to battle crimes against children, rape or violent crimes. And it’s old new by now that when a police officer arrests a drug dealer that community isn’t any safer. They’ve only created a job opening. But when they arrest a rapist, child molester or car thief, they’ve made that community safer.


Flint, Michigan — the most violent city in America — saw a 10% increase in violent crime over last year, with 2,208 violent crimes per 100,000 people. Rust Belt neighbor Detroit was only slightly safer. If you’re interested, you can “like” the Flint Police Operations Facebook page and see, real time, what that city is up against in terms of violent crime.


I urge you all to remember these things when speaking to folks outside of our movement. Wanting and requiring law enforcers to focus on violent crime is something everyone can get behind, even folks who don’t care about or will never use marijuana.


In time, this pendulum can and will swing back. In the bigger picture, it’s just the reality of the ebb and tide of change. Two steps forward, one step back.


However, we are gaining ground, even when it feels insurmountable to speak truth to power because “truth crushed to the earth rises again.”






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This type of coverage, any unbiased and true reporting of the situation can only help us. The truth getting out to the public is going to save our law and our sick. When I see reporters giving an honest account of the situation we are in I have been emailing or calling to thank them. They appreciate it and they want to help. They want our stories of injustice to get out to the public.

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There's no money to be made off of rapists and murders

that's the bottom line



certainly there is... up to $72 per inmate per day in a privately run prison, or corporation, where their profit incentive is tied to the number of people they jail. some inmates are 'cheaper' for them though... generally docile, non-violent offenders in for relatively simple 'crimes', such as drug offenders. but any & all prisoners represents money for private eneterprise, and in State facilities, is vital component of employment & federal dollars. there certainly is money in the jailing of rapists & murderers... it's just cheaper & easier to jail non-violent marijuana offenders.

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