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Tangerine Dream From Attitude.


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Yes LHB gave me some absolutely beautiful clones...and I proceeded to butcher them. First, after about 3/4 weeks I over nuted them with fish emulsion and bat guano. They are very nute sensitive, as none of my other strains reacted so negatively(other than my ThunderF*ck). I flushed them and saved them, only to subject them to 3 weeks of high summer temperatures in my flower room--even with shortening the light cycle to 10 hrs and an air conditioner I struggled to keep the temp under 90.

Under the circumstances, I really can't say that I can offer any advice, except that they are very sensitive, and I wish you better luck.

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I grew out some seeds this spring. popped the seeds, cloned a set of 7 females, vegged 4 weeks to a height of 12 inches, put into flower room. they kept streching for the entire grow. After 6 weeks in flower thet were past the lights and not slowing. at the end of 10 weeks in flower I gave up waiting and harvested less than 2 ounces of the worst marijuana I have ever grown. very airy buds with little or no structure, terrible hay flavor, and no percievable effect. This was no dream for me my friend....TANGERINE NIGHTMARE. That's my experience but I am a novice grower.


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OK so this is my first pop on T. Dream. First time around one Hermie's week 1-2 in bloom. I had to pull it. It really didn't look bad but the stretching was crazy.





Here are two I popped a few weeks ago. First one looks like a truck ran over it. I always get a tiny bit of nut burn when they move to full strength. This could be one of the overly sensitive one's Fabio was talking about.




The 2nd one looks like a Kush strain. Same lights, nuts, environment. I'm completely positive they did not get mixed up because I mark the Rock Wool. I'm thinking something just isn't right about this strain.





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