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Occupy George Washington

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I am off to buy one of these stamps this weekend.. and i hope we can change the world one dollar bill at a time...:goodjob:





"Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere!" George Washington, The Writings of George Washington Volume 33, page 270 (Library of Congress), 1794

Join the Hemp Revolution OccupyGeorge.org


The Buck Starts Here!

Give voice to our first President

Who better to spread the truth about hemp prohibition?

Stamp and Spend, Stamp and Spend, Stamp and Spend

Money talks

Do a Google search for "I Grew Hemp" rubber stamps to purchase one

Send us your name and hometown and join our list of Occupy George activists


Hemp Information Links

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Paul who owns hemp city USA is a great guy and has his new shop in downtown Harrisville right on US-23 across from courthouse where Bethany was put on display as a drug czar and crime lord for helping a few sick people. a real in your face location....

i love it

stop by and see Paul if your in the area.. he is good people....





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