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Nearly 6,000 Get Early Sunday Liquor Sales Permit


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Now we get to play 'dodge the drunk drivers' even earlier on Sunday....

Nearly 6,000 get early Sunday liquor sales permit



The Liquor Control Commission says the state has received about $950,000 in revenue as a result of the change (At least we know how much they value citizens lives...monetarily speaking)


LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Officials say that nearly 6,000 businesses statewide have received a special permit to allow more Sunday morning liquor sales since a ban was lifted late last year Communities may opt out of Sunday alcohol sales for just the morning or all day, depending on their preference.


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I used to be a heavy drinker. I was in denial at the time, but 5-8 shots of whiskey every night is not casual drinking. I wasn't headed for a long life.


Then I got certified... and wahtever the reason, my desire to drink gradually just stopped, 100%... I haven't had a single drop in 6 months now. Didn't even have to try, I just don't feel the need anymore. :thumbsu:

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