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" Cotto Vs. Margarito 2 "

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A heated rivalry between two of the sport's

great warriors will be reignited when the

Pride of Puerto Rico, Miguel Cotto,

and Mexico's "Tijuana Tornado" Antonio Margarito

meet again in the long-awaited rematch!


Their first encounter was a back and forth battle

with Margarito on the offensive and Cotto left with

the first loss of his storied career.


Margarito is confident that he will be victorious again.

Cotto believes this time, the story will be different.


Their first fight was a battle;


the rematch will be an outright war.


Don't miss "COTTO vs. MARGARITO II"


Saturday, December 3, 9PM ET/ 6PM PT,


Live on Pay-Per-View.


$64.99 ( Hi- Def )


$54.99 (Standard definition)

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It was a pretty Good Fight ....


The Doctor had the ref stop Fight ....


Margarito's one eye was Swelled Shut ...

But i thought he was defending himself fairly well....


Cotto won fight by TKO ,


But even if the fight would of continued

cotto was ahead in the Score cards ......


Surely was nt worth what they charged to watch the Fights ....

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