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Downriver Doctors For Cert.?


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Dr Nuemann will be at the Flat Rock Community Center tonight, as well as the regular meeting from 7:00 to 9:00 and my previous post shows when the next meeting in Southgate will be...


$65 dollar renewal, $125 for new recomendations!



Can you pm me details on how to contact this doctor please

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Just read the post:

Bona Fide Issue Resolved By Mi Board Of Medicine



I live in the down river " Allen park, Lincoln park, Melvindale area.

For years I have not had for a primary health care provider until I became disabled.

Being on a fixed income I have resorted to seeing a V.A doctor once a year. The only cost I incur is the cost of driving and the cost of the proscribed drugs " Vicodin"

After everything I read regarding the use of the drug I opted for medical marijuana. What I need now is a doctor in my area that has low office visit charges and is MMMP friendly.

I can supply all of the needed medical records related to my condition via a request for them personally or through the written consent form.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. You may drop me a pm with information.


Many thanks

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