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More Lights More Lumens?

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I currently have 2 400 watt hps which are around 42,000 lumens per light. I was wondering if you would add those together for a total of 84,000 lumens or is it still 42,000 lumens with more light angles? I thought lumens are the measurement of light intensity or brightness, so the brightness would not change at all just more angles and area is covered with 2 I believe.

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You have two 400w points of light. That is not anywhere near one 800w point of light. You can't add lumens. I read about it on here. Wasn't sure. So, I read up on it.


A couple of 400 watters in veg is great. In flowering, use at at least 600w bulbs. 1000w would be better. Even a 1000w and a 600w would be fine...... electricity isn't free.


The idea is to reproduce the sun....... bigger is better.

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How tall do you veg them before moving them to flower ? They look great !!!


Nice seeing you at the Saginaw protest...... hope to see you around.




It was Great meeting you too " Budz-4-U " :bighug:


I veg for approx. 2 months from a baby clone ...


I don't put into Bloom till their 36 inches tall ...


Electric bill of $600 Monthly ...


If i was Ever to upgrade I'd get ductable/ventable 600 HPS ...


But set up very Similiar ...







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thanks for the response just got done ordering a 1000 watt lumatek dimmable ballast with a raptor hood, super hortdaluix bulb,light rail and a 8 in inline fan with speed controller thinking that has enough power to get what i need done. any chance anyone knows a little more on the super lumen setting on the lumatek dimmable 1000 watt ballast


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It is correct - you are just increasing your light footprint. You do not total the lumens but you calculate lumens per sqft.


I use two 600watt lamps to create a bigger light foot print to cover three plants in flower.


You might want to consider 600watt based on its heat output. The 1000watt can run 5000BTUs of heat that you have to remove quickly. The 600watter does 2500 BTUs of heat.


You can connect all the lights (aircooled) to a duct and pull the air out of the room.


The Superlumens, as one on the Lumatek basically overpowers the lamp by 10% - so supposedly you will get 1100 watts. I have not seen any adverse effects on the bulbs- I replace them every year anyways. The dimmable ballast is best for extreme hot days, when you need to dim the bulbs to reduce light 'heat' - you dim the room as if it were an overcast day.



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I run all lumatec dig ballasts and did blow one bulb so far out of the 6 that I been running for the past couple years. Bulb and ballast where only 2 months old at the time so don't know what the deal was. i do always run them on the super lum setting.. 1000 watters


one darn bulb I brought was dead out of the box. But otherwise all bulbs - Agromax, Lumatek,Sunmaster - worked until I replaced them after 12 - 16 months



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