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I liked the idea DigitalNomad had so much that I decided to follow suit :).


I am VERY new here but I'm kina an open book kind of person. I first joined back in March 2011 and I have spent a ton of time ever since reading everyting I could find on the forum. Recently I started to get a little more serious about things and I started posting. So, I guess I have been around the forum for a little while, I just havent put myself out there. So anyway, a bit about me...


I was diagnosed with a really agressive form of rheumatoid arthritis back in March of 2001. At the same time I also found out that I have fibromyalgia. Not a fun time. Of course the "russian rulette of meds." started and I have been playing the game ever since (lucky me!).


I currently take vicodin, lyrica, prednisone, enbrel, welbutrin, bacolofen, and dextrostat to control my symptoms as well as help with the ever frustrating ADD that I have had for as long as I can remember.


I grew up in a small family in a nice neighborhood with parents that believed that mj was the root of all that's evil. So, needless to say, the first time I tried it I was a bit older.


The first time I tried mj, I was 28 years old, about a month after I was diagnosed. I was on crazy amounts of pain killers and it wasnt helping. So, my family doctor suggested that If I knew someone safe to get some "weed" from that I should try it. I ask him how I should take it and what dosage. He laughed at me and said, "well, you know just smoke it". He didnt believe me when I told him that I had never used mj before. So, I went home and called my inlaws, lol. My inlaws are wonderfull people who use regularly for recreational purposes. So, feeling VERY strange (because of how my parents were) I talked to my mother in law and explained the whole situation. Within an hour, I had a nicely rolled joint delivered to me. That night I took two hits and was out cold until morning, lol! When I woke up my ra and fibro symptoms were almost gone. Only one problem. I felt like I had had all of the skin removed from my sinuses and throat. I don't know if it was an allergic reaction or what it was, but I felt like hell. So, that put an end to that.


Some time passes... I have always been in support of legalizing mj and especially medical. Even before getting sick. Even though I didnt partake, it just seemed like it was really dumb to have weed illegal and alcohol legal.


So, we come to March 2011. I'm in pain. I'm miserable. I start looking a little further into mmj. Then I start to learn about different methods of application and that there are different strains out there that do different things. This gets me thinking.


I spent the next 9 months reading. The one thing that holds me back is that I have a son with an ex husband who is as anti drug as you can get, so, I figure that my son is 17 and I only have one more year to go and I wont have to worry about it.


Last Friday, my son's step-mom comes up to our house to pick him up. We had just moved into our new house and I'm giving her a tour when she spots my greenhouse. She starts raving about it and starts to say something then stops. So I encourage her to just say it. It turns out that she and my ex have been licensed caregivers since last AUGUST!! I almost fell over. That prompted an extremely long talk between the two of us about my health situation and that I really want to try other options with mmj. So, she tells me that on Monday when she brings my son back up, she will bring me some of her medible samples. Now at this point I am shocked. She just told me she is a licensed caregiver, I'm "the ex", and she offered to bring me FREE samples and I don't even have my card yet!!


Monday (yesterday), I am SUPER excited! As she promised, she dropped off 2 nobake cookies, some banana bread, and some of her butter. 3pm (when I take my second vicodin of the day) I decide to give it a try. I ate half a nobake cookie which I will have to say tasted alot like a nobake that a skunk had been sitting on for a while. 1/2 an hour later I started to feel some relief. Yesterday was the first time in 10 years that I did not have to take my 3pm vicodin! It worked!! The best part was that I had no head high to go with it. I know a lot of people REALLY enjoy the buzz but, I can't stand it. I just don't like the way it makes me feel.


Monday evening... I decide that I have to go talk to my parents. Now, I would not have even worried about them knowing, but the house we just moved into we are renting from them. If I strted growing then they would know. They live less than a mile away and my dad is over here ALL the time. So, I figured that I had better see where they were on the whole issue and start my campaign with them. I went over there, explained the whole situation and I was met with a very different reaction that I thought I would get. My mom has been dealing with chronic pain from a spinal surgery for years, so she gets it. My dad on the other hand was the one I was worried about. Oddly enough, they were quite open to the idea. I told them the meds I have been on and their side effects. I explained how the law works, and I explained that you don't have to smoke it or get a buz from it. Both were very interested and said that they were glad that I had found something that works and to just be careful to make sure everything was legal. When I suggested my mom consider it for her back, her response was "I don't know, I'll have to do some research, I don't know just yet if I want to try that". So, SUCCESS!! I managed to educate two more people and I didn't get the "get the hell out of my house you crackhead" response that I was expecting. Not that my parents would have been that harsh, but still, I sure wasnt expecting the reaction I got.


Now I was pro medical mj before, but now I am on the band wagon!!! My biggest obstacle now is finding a doctor who will give me the recomendation. The one who originally recomended it is no longer in practice and I stopped seeing him 8 years ago when we moved north. My rheumatologist told me that there is no medical evidence to show that it helps (lol, I cant wait till I have my card, find the right strain, am off the vicodin and I am able to hand a full bottle of vicodin back to him and tell him "no thanks!"). There is a caregiver in the area who I have takled to that knows of a clinic down state that you take your paperwork into and within a couple of days you pick up your referral. NOw, honestly, I am not too interested in going to a "rubber stamp" clinic, but if that's my only option then I guess thats it. However, if anyone can recomend a clinic with a real doctor in the Ogemaw county area who will give referrals PLEASE let me know! I have got to get this going. Good news is that my son's step-mom told me that she would help me out in the mean time, but I would like to get myself legal ASAP.


My plan is, that I get my card and grow for myself since I am a plant and garden junkie to begin with, lol. Eventually I would like to become a caregiver, because I BELIEVE in this.


Count me in as on the band wagon! If there is anything I can do to help further the cause PLEASE let me know, I will be there!


Oh, and DN, we need to swap some gardening tips, lol! Those plants are BEAUTIFUL!!!!


So, thats my story, lol! Sorry I didnt have all the snazy pictures that DN had, lol, but maybe one of these days I will feel up to taking some that are worth posting. I'm looking forward to getting to know everybody on here better and with any luck at all we will meet up at a compassion club meeting soon :).

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Actually in my story, and many other patients - family and spouses had to be educated about the law and medical use. This is a common thread - many patients had to get their family involved in their care.


I demonstrated by example - marijuana as medicine, my spouse and family saw the medical benefits it had on me, that is what made them accept it.



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Fortunately, My husband is ok with it. He is pretty uncomfortable with the idea of us growing it but he isnt resisting (probably because he knows there's no point, lol!). I think that with growing up in a family that uses recreationally, he's having a hard time making the leap between fun and meds. I mean, he saw that it helped me, but I think it's going to take a little for him to get used to the idea. What I am waiting for is for his back or knee to go out on him again. I plan on having some cana-butter (which I have) handy. If it works for him, I think it will do wonders for making a point.


I spent the day trying to find a doctor to sign my paperwork and no luck. I love living up north, but it does have it's drawbacks. Any suggestions????? Feel free to PM me if you prefer.


Oh, and still no vicodin :) :) :)!!!!! Problem is that I ate my last cookie a couple of hours ago :(. So I'll be back on it tomorow.

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thanks OP great post I just had a kinda WOW factor with my parents aswell....they both seen their 1st episode of weed wars..and i was also present to answer their questions...:thumbsu:



I have been trying to get them to watch weed wars, but so far they arent interested. Both of my parents are the types who want research papers with double blind studies from big name universities, before they are REALLY going to buy into it, but hey, time will show them, lol!

Too bad too. My mom is diabetic and has some pretty severe nerve damage from a botched spinal surgery 15 years ago. She could really benefit.

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This kind of 'ex' thing will never happen to me. All my ex's live in Texas. LOL


I consider myself very fortunate. My ex and I decided right from the begining that we could do better for our son by reverting back to the friendship we had before we ever started dating. We have been divorced for 15 years and we are still friends. He got remaried about 8 years ago and I'll tell you, we all got really lucky on that one. She is awesome to my son and she and I have become better friends than my ex and I are. Also, my husband and my ex get along great.

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Sure wish I could come out of the closet so to speak with my mom.She just Doesn't want to talk about it,which is her way of sayin its still to scary to talk about.Great Bio!!! Hang in there!


I wish you the best with that! It's hard enough being sick, especially when you don't have the support and understanding from the people who you are closest too. My parents are a bit scared too. Mainly because the law is vague and they don't want anything to happen to me.


Thank you! Just seemed to be an excellent time to put it all out there so that people could get to know me better since I'm a newbie, lol!


Best of luck with your health and your mom :).

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