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Signature Gathering Experiences


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I have been taking my clipboard just about every where i go.


Most interesting is the veterans club I belong to, I'm an associate member as I've never served. Wide acceptance at about 80 percent with the daytime crowd in a place typically considered most conservative maybe even right wing. The gathering starts to get awkward as persons are close to or older than 80 or so. And if a couple in this age group, you may get the husband...and the wife I've been told to not ask the wife unless the husband offers. Tried anyway. Stone wall, even with the husbands signature already.


So while I don't understand the approaching 80 and over group, I am trying to be respectful, as they are my friends and I tend to respect my elders. So all, I urge the utmost of respect and caution when approaching people and couples at about 80 years of age.


That said, I am getting great acceptance even at the veterans club. Bout 80%.


Looking at this, I am just one guy in my neighborhood. I've raised money too.


And I explain that I was inspired because patients were being charged as felons for minor and/or highly subjective violations of the Act.


With this kind of acceptance. I don't know why we can't get a million signatures.



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I am going to the farmers market thread to get that table for this weekend, if its not already happening. I would prefer to do Sunday or someone to releave me on Saturday at about 4. Message me if you can do either Saturday or Sunday.


Guess I'd prefer to start it on Saturday, relief at 4, then someone else or the relief person for Sunday. Then work on staffing it for the next 6 months. I have petitions. Looking into getting what is required for voter registration. I have been trained numerous times as a gatherer by Chuckles Henry.

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