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BROWNSTOWN TWP. — A concerned resident alerted store personnel and police after he saw what he believed were candy crack pipes for sale at a gas station.


The customer, also a community activist, became outraged when he saw the pipes that actually are candy.


The complaint was left as a voicemail message Thursday at the police station. He also complained to a gas station employee.


The man said he returned to the gas station several hours after making the complaint to store personnel and the pipes still were on the shelves.


Police said they followed up on the complaint and went to the gas station the next day.


All of the candy pipes had been taken off the shelves, police said.


According to Sgt. Paul Kolonich, the product is called Lollipipe. He said it is more likely to be misused to smoke marijuana, but not crack cocaine.


The pipes contain a plastic toke tube, an airtight pouch and a cigar band for no-stick handling. They are promoted for legal substances only and are reusable.


Police said the station owner is active in the community and is a good business neighbor. Because the product is not illegal and no police report was made, the name of the business is not being made public. Kolonich said the owner willingly removed the candy pipes from shelves.


He said the owner told him he did not carefully inspect the product and did not realize what they were.


The pipes come in strawberry, green apple, watermelon, peach, blueberry, blue raspberry, grape and cherry. Kolonich said they were on sale for $5.99.


“They are only illegal if they are used with marijuana,” he said.


The store owner gave Kolonich a few pipes to use as a teaching tool to inform parents what is on the market targeting children. Kolonich is the Gang Related Education and Training officer for the Woodhaven-Brownstown School District.


He speaks at parent-teacher group meetings a couple of times a year and plans to use the Lollipipe as an example to parents of products on the market that can be purchased by their children.


He said another product for sale has gained some popularity, and parents should be aware. Kolonich said K-2 is sold in little bottles that look like they contain marijuana. He said it is not for consumption, but children are smoking it.


Kolonich said several household products on the market are being misused by teens. He said he might set up a booth at a PTO meeting and display some of the items for parents to alert them to products that can be used illegally.


With the pipes, according to the product description, consumers are told to “add a tasty touch the next time you light your pipe up.”


The pipe will not melt, burn or smolder when being smoked, the product description said.


“Whether you are smoking it or licking it, you are sure to have tons of great flavor,” according to the product description.

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I heard about this on the radio yesterday. They said that Oakland county is taking this "threat" very seriously and will be monitoring the local retailers so they can be informed of the danger. Kind of a joke when you see the K-2 and K-2 like substances flying off the shelves, and being sold to underage people since they are not intended for consumtion. I see this crap being heavily purchased every time I go into a convenience store, but they are worried about a harmless plant. Kids smoke this synthetic stuff for $10.00 a gram or less, become violent or suicidal and all they can do is target marijuana patients.

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I am working with a mother who's son is struggling with addiction to fake marijuana.


Addiction is a people problem, not a substance problem. People can use anything to feed an addiction, or its urge to use. This boy was a great football player, proven on the field.

He became lazy and violent after using fake marijuana for almost a year now. It is $30 for about 2.5 grams, the packages have no ingredient label, and its available at corner gas stations.

The boy thought legal stuff would be safe and accepted in society. He thought he found a substance to abuse to make himself get over the usual teenage anxiety and stress. Instead, he is a high school drop out, on probation for shoplifting (booze), kicked off the football team, and damaged his mom's house.


And yet society is ignorant to blame a candy pipe for its problems. I guess its easier to blame a object than to accept blame on ourselves. Society has sent the wrong message to its kids.



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