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Does Your Church Support Medical Marijuana?

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We should also remember that faith-based organizations support the use of medical marijuana.


Inter Faith Medical Marijuana Policy


My church does per the policy , but I've never asked my Rev about it.


I will ask her if the Church is providing any supporot for MMJ this Sunday.


If your church hasn't signed up for this policy you may want to ask your faith-leader for their thoughts on it.


Or perhaps visit one of the denominations that supports medical marijuana:


United Methodist Church

Presbyterian Church (USA)

United Methodist Board of Church and Society

Episcopal Church

Unitarian Universalist Association

Union for Reform Judaism

United Church of Christ

Progressive National Baptist Convention

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Thank you for this topic . I was brought up Catholic and had hoped the Sisters of Mercy with their hospital experience would of helped implement the act as caregivers . I even sent emails to them and another order in Monroe but never received any reply's . I imagine they thought I was a crank. Maybe it was too much change at once ? . About that time arrests of known patients were starting to hit the press and being fearful that my inquiries about the Sisters participating might be considered pushy - I stopped writting .


One of the main problems seems to be the fact that many Churches already have NA and AA Chapters that subscribe to zero tolerance ..There usually are some well respected leaders in these groups that find the Act in direct opposition to zero tolerance and lead the Church to oppose medical use . It is hard to oppose them or find support for patients whom require this as medicine . Proponants often say little afraid of being considered soft on drug use . Our AG is role model and with him stating their is no known medical value it really hurts patients inspite of all the evidence showing he is wrong .


Just like in the Courts , Hospitals , Universities and Corperate workplace the minority interests in the Churches appear to be able to deny fair treatment and acceptance from positions of power while keeping proponants of medical cannabis afraid of supporting patients less they be tainted as drug use supporters .. In the current times right or wrong most patients are afraid to stand up for themselves and become known as well and incur any consequences . To often they then find themselves alone in Court . Vigilantes against medical cannabis assume guilt and ask questions later same as Law Enforcement . There are some scary people out there who will harrass individuals participating int he program whom they see as a threat to society . Heaven forbid it ever gets out of hand like those who bomb abortion clinics or kill Doctors .


You can't blame people for being afraid as they read and for the first time are learning that now under zero tolerance laws just owning plants is enough to be convicted of manafacturing and distribution in Michigan whether you have sold anytihing or not under laws prohibitionists have been able to pass in the last twenty years . The Michigan forfeiture law is known as one of the easiest for Law Enforcement to abuse in our Nation with lawyers stating a defense against it for a wrongly accused individual costs at least $10,000 that is never recoverred . . People are reluctant to come forward and ask for support which they need immensely especially from their Churches . .



The Churches do seem to be the key to unlocking all the other insitutions in the State in terms of acceptance or at least addressing the topic of medicinal use . Until patients feel they have recognition of the medical efficacy of cannabis and acceptance of medical need and use from their Churches I doubt they will have fair treatment in any Michigan Institutions . It is comforting to see a growing list of support . Thanks for posting it .

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interesting enough... they just aired an episode of the 700 club where they discussed 'overcriminalization'. though not specifically mmj, it certainly would piggy back insofar as the unnecessary jailing of non-violent, everyday people. interesting stuff

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