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Anxiety Abounds Over Application Process...

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I helped my grandfather apply for the MMMP to help him with sickness due to chemo. We sent out his application last week through certified mail like the clinic suggested and got back the green card yesterday. When he looked at it he said that his card was stamped with a different P.O. box then he shipped it too and also zip code. We photocopied his envelope before mailing and sure enough it was the wrong zip code. When we looked up where the P.O. box was it was in the same post office. He is starting to worry that his check is in the hands of the wrong person/dept.


I was just wondering if this is a known situation/problem and if we shouldn't worry if the check shows up as cashed.


I looked through the posted topics (with the search function) and found little information about this situation.


Thanks for answers in advanced.

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All my checks have been processed in Indianapolis, IN.


All of my 'green cards' (Domestic Return Receipt) have been stamped received by:

Ewell S. Boyer, Jr.

Prestige Agent for JPMChase


In section D. where it asks 'Is delivery address diifferent from item 1?

If YES, enter delivery address below:


This has always been stamped into section D. (on my Domestic Return Receipts) :


Michigan Department of Treasury

PO Box 30727

Lansing, MI 48909


From my experience, your grandfather should not have any concerns.

I hope this helped :)


Big up for assisting your grandfather with what can be an overwhelming process.


My thoughts are with him and all of you during this very scary time.

Hold on tightly, hug often and keep fighting the good fight :)


Are you/ he considering RSO as treatment ?


For more info on RSO;


locally (thank you budhabit for reposting !) :




globally :



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Thanks Toker and Imi. I finally was able to get someone else to look at the domestic return card and read it. Between my grandfathers eyes and my severe dyslexia it was hard for me to see exactly what the stamp said outside of the P.O. box being wrong. It says something about State of Michigan Mail Delivery Service/Dept.


They still haven't cashed the check but the mail only got there Tuesday (July 31st).


As for RSO we have talked about it as well with the caregiver he is hoping to be working with. It has been hard enough to get him to go for marijuana for his nausea and pain but we have told him of the reported cases and he says that if it doesn't make him feel too out of it or anything he would at least be willing to try. Little steps right?


Again, thanks for both of your replies and hopefully he will be legal soon.

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He is still anxious because the check hasn't been posted as cashed after 5 days (not including sat/sun) I told him to remember how slow Secretary of State can be. Does anyone know the average wait time on the state cashing a check or does it strictly depend on how many applications/renewals they are getting?


It probably also doesn't help that he doesn't work and is computer savvy enough to check his bank account online. :-)

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It was explained fairly well at the clinic the problem wasn't when we could go get him medicine though. It was whether the domestic return receipt had the wrong p.o. and then how long it took for the state to cash a check on average.


It was more to do with the fact that you start thinking you did something wrong when you haven't gotten a response coupled with a retired man sitting at home waiting and checking his bank account ever half hour. :-)


Thanks though

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