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Debate Over Legal Marijuana Ongoing - Massachusetts

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yadyada - read the article - but it is the same of what goes on in michigan. But do read how they wanted to do a MMMP.



Question 3 would allow the opening of 35 retail marijuana stores, at least five per county, the first year, with more possible in succeeding years. It also permits people to grow marijuana in their home if for some reason they don't have access to one of these stores.


The law, which would go into effect Jan. 1, would allow people to carry a 60-day supply, but the amount has not been defined. There's no age limit on who can be prescribed the medical marijuana and no expiration on prescriptions, opponents point out.


Ms. Manley said regulations in the initiative will create the safest medical marijuana law in the country"


Quote of the year by anti-medical marijuana people - "'real compassion requires real medicine."


So now they can retort back at us about being compassionate with a bullshiit line like there is a perfect pill for what ails each one of us.

Real compassion is letting a sick person chose the best medicine that works for them.

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That "safe" word again. I am telling you people, if you want your grow rights we need to draw hard line in the sand separating us from the dispensary and legalization crowd. THEY are not legal WE are..


Yeah. We're 'legal' so far.


But the politicians in Lansing aren't through yet.


Taxes on MMJ are coming. And when you don't pay those 'taxes', YOU are going to be 'illegal' also.


So you'd better get that magic wand out and draw that 'hard line' to stop them... because it is on its way, and it'll be coming out of Lansing.


So just sit back, relax and wait for it. It'll be here before you know it.

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We need to start looking to other avenues like the Right to Farm Act. Added with the strong reinforcement, not only of the MMM Act, but the way we got the Act, via a P.I., will send a strong message, loud and clear, We the People have Spoken.




I have my personal gripes, as we all do, but We must use what we have already Taken in this War on Drugs here in Mi. That is that we used our right of Voicing Our Opinion, as Citizens of Michigan, and we did so by Legal Means of a People's Initiative. In this Respect, I Will always give credit where credit is Due, so to that I will say, Thank You Mr. Beck. Whether it is realized or not, inducting this Act via a People's Initiative IS the way to fight for not only our Rights, but the Right of Every Citizen in the State to bring Redress against a Government that is out of control.


Without a People's Initiative Option, we would of NEVER had the ability to even get this proposal on the ballot, let alone vote it into Law.

Without the People of Michigan Supporting the Cause, whether they realize it or not, they have done something that a Group has not done in Michigan in nearly 55 yrs, and that is for the Citizenry to stand up and tell the State, Enough.



So do not fool yourself into thinking this entire thing is only about medical cannabis, because only a fool sees one battle as the entire War.

There is a clear list of objectives that must be Kept and Maintained...


1st is the Right to bring Redress against those in Government.

2nd is the MMM Act as it was proposed, presented, passed and written.

3rd is to ensure the Government does what We the People Told it to do when we passed the Act.

4th is to ensure they do it, and not try to change it to suit their need. This is not about the Need of the State of Michigan, it is about the Will of the People, which said the Need is of the Citizens, NOT the Government, that must be upheld.

5th, and this one is important. That we vehemently defend the Right's We were given by the People of the State of Michigan. For if we fail in this endeavor, then we fail the People and their Vote. I don't want to sound doom and gloom, or try to chide the focus, but it must be understood, if there was no People's Initiative, then we would not be here having any discussions on these topics. And if we Fail on this feat, then the Government has the upper hand the next time, We the People Finally get pissedoff enough to get off our keisters and go out and Correct the wrongs of our Government by our Fair and Legal Means of using the People's Initiative.


It is that important to not only the survival of the MMM Act, but the Rights of the Citizen's of Michigan, and I for one, DO NOT intend to let them down.


Not One Step Back.

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