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New Friends?

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I saw this section of the forums a few days ago and figured I'd post a message too. I'm not really looking for a relationship even tho I am single, but I would like to meet new people to hang out with. :) I live in Lenawee County but have no problems with travelling so long as it's within the state.


I'm a pretty laid back individual and fairly easy to get along with. I don't consider myself a typical female and am accepting of people's uniqueness. :) Obviously I am legal so we could smoke, game, or just shoot the breeze. I'll be getting an xbox live account again in a few days, so that's always a possibility too. (I prefer RPG's but I know how to play a few other more popular games like Modern Warfare 3.)


I look forward to hearing from folks :)


Have a wonderful day!!



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xbox RPG lol - Modern Warfare 3 perhaps?


Welcome back


I'm mostly a psx gal but I do have an xbox and wii :) Had been looking for decent 2 player RPG's when I still had a roommate but they're few and far between. (roommate was the one who taught me how to play MW3 and dead ops arcade :) )


Thank you for the warm welcome! Hope you're doing well!

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At this time I have not looked over the list of rpgs that are new and seems to be interesting.

At one time I was doing closed and open beta testing of new games.

So if you find one that is not a money pit I might consider playing it.


Oh yeah the harvest is going to be interesting. :)

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Nice! I've done some beta testing in the past, but that was for MUDs. I'm getting used to having the internet again and half the time I just watch movies as I don't know what to do lol. I miss talking to people tho, which is one aspect of gaming I like. My former roommate used to play Lineage2 and it just went free not too long ago. It's kinda like WoW/Diablo2, though I can't say for certain since I personally haven't played it. (Watched him play a few times, looks like a decent game.)


What's was in your harvest if you don't mind me asking? :)

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I used to play 2 moons, runescape, EVE online, and another which name excapes me atm.

I might look into Lineage2 though.


I have 6 plants

1) L.A con

3 skunk red hair

2 thai skunk


One problem though, seems the recent weather change we had caused some of them to hurm on me so I am likely to have a seedy harvest. Will know in 4 wks.

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Ahhh...runescape is the only one I'm familiar with. My son and adopted son used to play that quite regularly too. :)


Sounds like a nice harvest, despite the weather issues. Never tried either of those skunk strains tho I've heard quite abit about the thai skunk. All good things! :)


Good luck m'dear!! :)

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Is it harder to grow outdoors? I'm not a caregiver but my former roommate was teaching me about growing, which was really nice. Had never seen a plant in person until then. *scuffs her foot* What part of S.E. MI are you in if I may ask? I'm in Adrian, which is just north of Toledo, OH.

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I hear you there. I used to want to be back in a big city but the older I get, the more I just want to be as far away from people as possible! I like the woods and would love to have at least 1 fireplace in my home.


I just let my inner dragon eat all those pesky rats ;) Rather dance to my own beat anyhow then follow in someone else's footsteps; just gets kinda lonely sometimes.

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