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Cannabis Thinks We Should Live Longer

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Cannabis tends to bring body systems into a normal range. Weight to low? Cannabis will help with weight gain. Weight to high? Cannabis can help to lose weight. It tries to get your body zeroed into balance.


One of the more interesting things I recently heard about cannabinoids is that they adjust the clock inside cells. The clock that tells the cell it's time to die and be replaced. Cancer cells have this clock turned off.


Cannabis starts the clock running again inside the cancer cells. In addition it adjusts the clock in normal cells slowing down the aging of the healthy cell.


Which makes me think that cannabis believes our normal life expectancy may be much greater than we believe today.


Easily over 100 years. It would be very interesting if someone could calculate what age cannabis considers to be "normal" for humans. 200? 300?


Makes you think about those old Bible stories .. before cannabis was considered evil. Or maybe you think about Willie Nelson.

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well I been doing it since i was 9 yrs old, im gonna be 50 in a few months, id be a good test case, send me all your mm grade! I will use it in every way possible, lets see if I live to be 100, if I do, my bucket list includes being a pimp, so i can do it when im like 80 and leave my family a good business!




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