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Looking For Clones Sw Mi

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Medical Marihuana Cardholder looking for certian type of high. I've been smoking for close to 5 years and I have not yet found a strain that I really want to try again. So you can imagine this is a little frustrating for me. I am looking for a happy, high, energetic buzz, I use my medicine in joint form. Please reply with strain suggestions or if you are in my area with clones. Thank you.

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You are looking for a nice sativa. Mr. Nice and Ace/Cannabiogen are very reputable breeders w a nice sativa selection. Mango Haze, Nevilles Haze or SSH from Mr. Nice. Panama or Malawi are great shorter flowering sativas from ace. Destroyer is a good choice from cbg shorter flr too.

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Been on the same search for like 25 years.

Forget the hazes, spacey not happy.


My friend has an Acapulco Gold 5 weeks into flowering, so I will report back on it in about 11 Or 12 weeks.

My short list.


C-99; energetic, fruity, mood elevating, but can be paranoia inducing.


Pandora's Box; energetic, Smiley


Qwubble ( qwerkle X sour bubble ) ; energetic, mood elevating, nice grape flavor.


SOUR PAW ( sour diesel X monkey paw ) ; fun, fun, fun.

One of the best I've smoked in 30 years of medicating.

the girl who had this shut down her shop ...darn IT....


Early pearl (early misty? X silver pearl ) great happy meds.

Like a cartoon being played in your head. Good stuff.


Jamaican Lambsbreath ; good sativa for mood leveling and being Irie.


Strawberry Hawaiian; great energy and mood elevation, but watch out for the wickedest munchies ever.

Well this is my short list.

There are others, but mostly landrace sativas.

Oh, don't forget Chocolope or Dutch Passions Strawberry cough.

Good luck in your search for the "One".

Check out Grapefruit Badass from Southern Star Seeds.

He is a member / a Michigan breeder who posts here, although rather infrequently.

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Hey Bison. The somali taxi ride is a month into flower on my first run with her and certainly its the most anticipated plants ive had in a while. Ive got a Malawi leaning lady that smells woody and fruity quite unique, the nevilles wreck leaning lady has the hazy fresh mountain flowers aroma. Easy to grow, very vigorous, an first out of the cloner too.

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