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Voting Guide For Mmj / Cannabis.

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Benishek, Dan MI-1 Pass

Huizenga, Bill MI-2 Fail

Amash, Justin MI-3 Honor Roll

Camp, Dave MI-4 Fail

Kildee, Dale E. MI-5 Honor Roll

Upton, Fred MI-6 Pass

Walberg, Tim MI-7 Fail

Rogers, Michael J. MI-8 Fail

Levin, Sander MI-9 Fail

Miller, Candice MI-10 Fail

No Incumbent MI-11 No Grade

Dingell, John D. MI-12 Fail

Conyers, Jr., John MI-13 Honor Roll

Peters, Gary MI-14 Pass

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Yes i know and you have Benishek, Dan MI R as foe and he should be on friend and Gary McDowell is a foe


I agree that Benishek is a friend.




Haven't read anything about McDowell.


Dale Kildee has flip flopped, but most recently (2012) is a foe.


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McDowell is also a strong advocate for a state-wide smoking ban, with exemptions carved out in very specific terms for businesses that sell tobacco products.

McDowell is also pro-life and opposed to both Proposal 1, which would permit medicinal marijuana, and Proposal 2, which would expand embryonic stem cell research.

Noah Fowle439-9374 - nfowle@petoskeynews.com

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