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Dark Energy Nutrient


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i may have to try it out. says it helps plants take up nutrients better. its just i've also heard bogus outrageous claims such as it gives plants the same thing an added supplement blue spectrum would in flower. make me laugh when i heard that. it's pretty cheap and you dont use much so maybe i'll give her a whirl.

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yeah dark energy is a bloom booster. i dont think it's used in veg. no experience with it but a friend swears by it. but at the same time he could also just be trying to push sales. seems like anytime someone uses something new they swear it's the best thing. i have 3 different nutrient lines right now and they all work great. fox farm, botanicare, and earth juice(i dont have any EJ supplements though). i couldnt really say if i like any better than the others except i dont really care for fox farms tiger bloom. works great on some outdoor flowers though. last summer my dad got into my extra nutrients i brought home for my fruit and vegetable garden and watered some low maintained flowers outside with it, within a few days the things were twice as healthy looking.


i actually use hydroplex every feeding in flower according to botanicare's nutrient chart with some tweaks. right now im using botanicare's full line. i've done hydro in the past with success and have been using it in soil for a while now. it's a bit strong though and i found i had to reduce to about half strength or more for most of my plants with supplements. my pure sativa and near pure sativas get almost nothing though or they burn easy.


my friend has just been talking dark energy up like crazy. some of his claims just seem far fetched such as he said it will actually give your plant what a blue spectrum would in flower. i just don't see how that is possible.


thanks everyone for the responses. looking forward to finding more info!

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