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Marijuana Collective Is Legal?

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"As long as we can always find a completely above-board, legal way to get medicine to the patients who really need it, then that’s enough to stay open.”"


The hard part is the storage if you ask me. There's no reason patients and caregivers couldn't do the same thing privately with great success but trying to maintain a storefront is to much of a lightning rod.


Marijuana is stored in lockers at the collective that are rented out to caregivers; patients must order from their registered caregiver at least 24 hours in advance.


The locker thing sounds familiar.

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If they raid it, and they weigh all the locker contents 'collectively', then the guy who owns the store better have cards to cover all of it. If the cannabis is at your address it's yours, unless some patient has it in their hand/pocket.

You can say all you want about the owner not being in 'possession'. Or he didn't know what was in there. The courts will see it as the owner of the address owns the cannabis if no one else is stepping up to prove it is theirs.

The courts will see this as a scheme to have more than you are supposed to have at one time because you stashed it in some lockers.

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