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Diagnostic Tool For Your Plants

Herb Cannabis

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I've been to many different places on the web looking for something to help me identify plant disease/problems and finally, I have found what is in my opinion the best tool yet.




This has made my job 100 fold easier.  Great site, just had to share!

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nice link,.. a refractometer could also help you determine the general health of your plants and maybe even detect pest and diseases or other problems before there are any obvious visual signs, I must admit i'v never used one on cannabis plants. I only  used one once like 12 years ago while i was receiving horticultural training in a greenhouse.But now that im thinking about it i may look into one. 

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I also ran across a very informational thread, problems A-Z are covered very well imo.

Here is a link that helped me, hope it helps you guys/gals..


Also I posted in my blog a while back containing a Grow library that covers anything about marijuana, check it out..



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