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New Pt With Some Questions

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So, just got the card today. Need to know the facts about some stuff. Hoping someone can enlighten me with some answers or forward me to a link with some official info. 

When traveling, how much are you allowed to have on your person? I know you can have up to 2.5 usable ounces of mmj in total. When you are traveling in a car per se, does that amount change? When traveling in vehicle, does any marijuana in the vehicle have to be in an enclosed container located in the trunk or can it be carried on the actual person?

As far as I know it has to be kept in the trunk in an enclosed container. Preferably locked. 


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I wouldn't carry the whole 2.5 Oz unless your going on vacation or your just picking it up to take home. Every cop on the beat is going wonder about your business too much if you carry your whole allowed amount around with you.


Yes, lock those meds in the trunk. The chance of drug use while driving is reduced because no one is holding medicine inside the vehicle.


Be Safe. :)

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You want the medicine to be in a place where no one in the vehicle can gain access to it.

A van, truck, suv..... I would go with a case that locks.


Good Question about walking.

I'm wanting some opinions on that too.

I like Rx pill bottles because they have a locking cap.

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This new law deals only with transporting in a vehicle if you are walking it's up to you.  as far as transporting in a pickup truck I use a locking case that I put behind the seat and put my key in a magnetic key carrier witch I stick inside the box of the truck

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Well said Urban Gardener. It does not state locked in the law (HB 4856), however, it would be in ones best interest to make it harder for a LEO to gain immediate access to knowing what is in the box, giving you ample time to gauge whether or not it may cause you too much trouble to reveal what is in fact in the locked box without demanding a warrant to search your vehicle. I mean, IMO, you may not want to seem like you're trying to be difficult with an officer, but you definitely don't want to misjudge their intentions of what they will do if they know for sure that you are carrying cannabis with you, in your vehicle. If you were pulled over for something simple like a cracked windsheild, and suddenly their asking you to step out of the vehicle and if it's okay to search it, I would personally tell then NO. As their initial reason for stopping you had nothing to do with what your car/truck had inside. If they smell marijuana, then you just simply disclose to them what you think is best, either that you were recently around somebody using it, or that you are in fact a caregiver or patient. But take it slow, and don't allow yourself to be nervous or pushed around. After all, this is your right in our great state of Michigan, and rich or poor, you should fight for your rights!

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never consent to a search of your person, vehicle or especially your home.




it cannot help you and is not in your best interest.


can and will be used against you...


it only helps Law enforcement.  never for you. 


it is the first and best way to get all evidence thrown out later... by improper search.. if you deny the search.. the steps become more difficult for the LEO.


if you consent... you can't go back and change your mind because you didn't know someone left a roach under the seat...or stashed their sack under the back seat.. or something like that.. :)


never ever consent to any search.. and when they ask why.. tell them because your aware of the US constitution.. and your right to privacy and that consenting to a search will never ever result in any scenario where it will benefit you. 


make them work for it.. that's what they get paid for.


if they find nothing... you go free

if they find something... you go to court.


if you dont let them look...and they do anyways they have to prove why they did to the judge.  they must have probable cause.... also do not tell them to get a warrant.  they won't need one.  if they do actually have probable cause they can search you already... if they do not have probable cause they can't get a warrant anyways.


if your vehicle has a trunk it MUST be in the trunk.... and it must always be kept in in a enclosed case as far away from the operator compartment in the vehicle as possible... and yes locked is best..


that includes boats, motorcycles, ATV's, car, truck or SUV.. any motor vehicle where the law applies.

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