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Could I Turn My Grow Room Into A Walk In Igloo Cooler


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What i mean is. My friend recently aquired some bar equipment from a bar we tore apart

before the building it was in was demolished. There was a walk in beer cooler behind the bar.

The cooler was like the igloo coolers that are called the beer cave in some speedways and

other party stores.  So what I am asking is can I build my grow rooms like an igloo beer cooler

and use the pumps and condensers to cool my grow? Will it be cost effective? What are your

thoughts? Pros and cons? Yay or Nay?





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Your talking about putting it in your yard and have it locked and sealed all out there year round?  I dont know if it would be cost effective to actualy cool with it, it is not realy good to not run them for months at a time, My brother owned a party store in macomb county, masonic and jefferson , st. clair shores, now I talked him into putting a couple squirl vents to bring cold air in, in the winter time but we did go turn off the squirl cages and turn the cooler on at least once a day, usualy mid day, it was always cold enough at nite, we rigged it to shut the squrel cages off when it got to cold and run the condensers in the unit, ya cant sell frozen beer, but people like it realy cold and we had that!  I cut an ac hole in it and use the ac, is it silver reflective? my bro's was, I have no clue how we would have move his, it was not out doors it was a walk in for us, but customers jsut got what they wanted from window doors the could open on the whole wall.


now I know what your talking about a walk in that is realy on the outside of the building but the door for customers and deliver were inside the store, I have a friend with a crane in hougton lake, when i moved I had him lift one of my heave sheds to my dads house, it was only 2 lots away and across the street, we did the barder thing on that one, but getting it to my house the first time it took 6 strong young men to get it on a trailer and get it off, actualy is was easier to get off, we hooked the shed to a tree near where i wanted it and just pulled it off the trailer!  Theres a place up here, well near omar and standish, that make custom grow rooms they are nice size insulated sheds for out doors and you can have em build how ever you want to, man I wish I could just do a grow in my yard, I would most def be good for the yr, one grow a yr, Id have to make me a treasure map and hide it real good after drying and curing it good, it will last in jars for a long time, im medicating with meds from one yr ago now,  lol!




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It sounds to me like you want to use the beer cooler cooling equipment to cool your grow room. The cooler equipment is basically what everyone refers to as a mini-split ac unit. Just install the same way, you may need a different thermostat. I would guess the beer cooler one might have too low a range. The only added complication is with the mini splits they are pre-charged and you just need to pipe them up. With the beer cooler unit you will need to take precautions as to not contaminate the piping and then the assorted AC Tech. equipment to evacuate the system and refill with appropriate refrigerant when you reinstall it.


As I am typing this, I am guessing that the beer cooler stuff may be too small. I have no idea of their capacity, but it would seem that they do not need to do much, i.e. they do not need to overcome large heat sources like HPS lighting. There are a number of HVAC people on here that should be able to give you a more exact answer.


One way to check would be to take a look at the hp/amps of the condenser unit and they look up the hp/amps of a mini split to see how they compare.

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Possibly you could rig the beer cooler to cool your space and chill your res for rdwc.  Some of Billy Liar's tree machines exchange 100 gals per minute between 8 trees from a 250 gal res at 59 degrees.  The whole room is chilled by fans over the res.  But deps on your chiller's caapacity if it's worth even a nickel.

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