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Tip Burn


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  I'm seeing some major tip burn across the garden.  It starts in around week 2 of bloom.  Up until this point, everything looks fine.  As bloom progresses, the desiccation starts to move in around the leaf margin.  I have more pics, but the forums only allow a 500k upload and won't let me delete to resize.



Temps and humidy max at 83deg/60%.  

I'm growing in sunshine mix 4 soilless.  

Watering frequency ~3 throughout bloom

7 gal smartpots

airflow is good, but not TOO direct I wouldn't think

Using an RO filter

PH 6.0-6.2

water temp ~72 degrees F

600W at a good distance from the canopy (vented)


Here's my regimen:


week 1-2:

- 1/2 tsp of pro-tek

- 1/4 tsp of hummic acid

- 3/4 tsp of dynagrow Grow formula (7-9-5)

EC ~.8


week 3-8:


- 1/2 tsp of pro-tek 

- 1/4 tsp of hummic acid

- 1 tsp of General Hydro FloraNova Macro

- 1/2 tsp of General Hydro FloraNova Micro



week 9: water

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That is too acidic for soilless grows.


 Since you are using smart pots, I assume that is what you are using?


And less nutrients needed likely.


You seem to be trying to run with hydro ph levels.


Less than .6 EC?  Everyone I talk to says that I'm already incredibly low.

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Yeah T, the feeds are too low going into heavy bloom. I'm basing that on ur ec listing of. 8/.6


What u see as tip burn is actually pretty serious K deficiency. Fringes raise, tip crisps up, moves to the edges, rust like spotting, eventually a soft undercurl with progressive necrosis . Darkish leaves with a bluish hue is the P kicking in too. Usually the calyx will fail to develop & swell and u might c the cola tips stall out with the pistils prematurely dying back. It revolves heavily around the K.


But that's just my take on it.


Personally feel u should be around 1-1.2 at veg/first week or two flwr, and u should be bumping 1.5+ wk 3-8, followed by ur 2wk just water flush. Never used dg so I can't speak from direct experience on that mix. A lot depends on temps/rh and plant preference.


Btw, peeps just see 'tip burn' and say overnuted ... Several reasons for it, and urs is a K Def.

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Something isnt right. If the - 1 tsp of General Hydro FloraNova Macro- is floranova bloom, it seems you would be close to . 6 ec. right there. If you started that at week 3, it may be built up in the soil. Double check the probe. JMIO

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