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96% Reflective Paint $32/ Gal. At Home Depot

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zombiefild:  i have always used flat white (Home Depot Sun Glint 92%) but for my current project want something at max possible reflectivity.   i visited the Home Depot Paint Department and asked, and found out about the Behr 96%.


Mal: mylar---I stay away from it myself. 

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In constructing my room before i went with a closed in vertical donut i just had a normal hood. I bought elastomeric roof coating for the entire room, then i laid vct tile white on the floor. This was over the span of a month, each thing i did the room just got brighter and brighter. The roof coating was chosen because of awesome reflectivity, the ability to handle heat and humidity, and it was on sale for $15 a gallon at menards. Thats comparable to regular flat white paint prices per gallon so i was pleased with it and i am even more pleased now. The vct tile also made a great difference. But i could have went without it. I did that very cheap though, less than $50 for a 15 x 15 room. Good Armstrong tiles too. If you have a job to do, i cant urge enough how usefull the habitat for humanity restore is. Alot can be accomplished for alittle there. I was able to soundproof my room with quality soundboard i got for $2 a sheet 10x4. If you go to their website and print the coupon it is 10 dollars off if you spend 30. so you cant beat $20 for $30 worht of materials. They have a wide selection of paint too all $10 a gallon.


Oh FYI the white roof paint is regularly $20 a gal when not on sale.

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    I'd get that guarantee in writing Pic. Here's a reflectivity chart for most surfaces. I think I heard 93% for Mylar when I picked up a roll in the beginning. There chart only goes to 92% and that's for a highly polished silver surf.


I was always drawn to it, since my Photo-tron days. We used to pay extra for the Mylar hoods [top] etc. The whole int was done with sunscreen, mirror side in of course. Silver tinsel stuff on the floor. Don't see how your paint can match these stats. It would have to be a mirror like surface. 


    Keep in mind : you get what you pay for. If your lucky.



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Was never the problem in my basement, in fact I have to let the A/C up to like 76 - 78 upstairs so the basements' not so cold. Not growing right now [inside] so that wont be a problem this year . If I could afford the Elec I'd get a few more Lamps. I picked up a COgen for the fall, when I hope to start up again. Should get it up a couple deg, I hope.


daaa... just remebered why it was allways so cool, was those Liquid Lumens, H2O cooled lamps. 

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