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Lose Your Meds, Check The "lost And Found"


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Marijuana to be Treated as “Lost and Found” Item in Seattle


Seattle is a city that has fully embraced marijuana legalization.  From police handing out cease and desist letters to marijuana dealers rather than putting them in handcuffs to K9 units being taught to ignore marijuana in potential crime scenes, the city has taken a number of steps to comply with I-502.


The most recent policy change has been implemented by Metro buses.  Bus drivers have been instructed to turn marijuana that they find on the bus in to lost and found.  In the past, any marijuana found on buses was turned in to police.  According to Metro spokesman Jeff Switzer, now any marijuana under one ounce will be turned in to lost and found instead.


He explained, “People can’t just come to lost and found and say ‘I lost some pot.’  They will need to provide a lot more information before we reconnect them with that lost and found item.”


There are over 200 Metro bus routes.  People trying to claim marijuana from the lost and found will have to say what route they were on and when they lost their stash.  So far, no one has tried to reclaim marijuana from the Metro lost and found.


According to Metro, each year over 40,000 items are turned in to their lost and found, with the most prominent item left behind being umbrellas.


Metro bus drivers were alerted to the policy change earlier this week.







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Uh, yeah. Uh, hi, my name is Jason and I want to reclaim some marijuana that I lost on your bus line the other day. Yeah, it was green and kind of clumpy...I would say sort of like small green nuggets. What? Oh, um, uh I lost it sometime on Saturday or maybe Friday night.

Just so you know it's mine and I'm not BS'ing you, it was in a plastic bag. Yes sir, like a baggie. Huh? Um, it was clear.

So, anyway, when can I come and get my baggie o buds back?

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