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The Gospel Grow Bunk Folks Pass When They Bogie

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"This is the bomb; the red ones are most potent.  They used to be sativas before they got seeds."  That one from a clerk in a grow store who had one lit back by the loo.

There are so many similar that I've heard, but I've forgotten; most I heard  in the course of teaching growing and to warm up, had the class volunteer the facts they'd heard about growing.  Probably like I'd sound about auto mechanics. 

Wish I had written more of them down.

But from a 2-year grower in soil,  I heard this one. 

"Run a little light during the dark, just short flashes, ten seconds or so.  You put the light on a timer, that way the plants don't get too used to being in the dark.  They still make seeds but only at the bottom.  They only grow whenever the light is off."

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