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How safe is our MMMP information from being used against us?


If our information is to fall into the wrong hands, via court order, wouldn't our data be self-incriminating?


Does it seem like patients and caregivers are required to share too much information for a harmless medicine?


Why are lethal pain killer users not required to share all this data, and jump through all these hoops?


Comments and questions welcome!

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I would say it is as safe as anything else. It is supposed to be private health information so HIPPA should cover most of that. I think the MMMA also states that it is confidential information. Doesn't mean the information can't or won't get out. Having a card does not excuse you from having to take drug tests for instance. If you pee hot and use your card as a reason for it, well then the cat is out of the bag now isn't it. I would not be surprised if LEO has the whole list. Didn't they get fake cards made? So I would say mdch/lara probably is not exactly on our side so to speak.

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Their was a case a few years ago out of Lansing ( the Lansing seven) and the Lawyers tried to stop our AG from getting information on  their Patients

and the State won that case and now the Lansing seven are in jail


IMHO they have it and will give it up with a court order of course  


Just last week we all heard about the Government reading E-mails and phone calls from all of us LOL like we never knew that was going on

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Step away from the PIPE.......I Have no answer......... The FBI,DEA,ATF  and others have files on Millions of ppl .......and that guy you have known since you were kids next got popped with an 8 ball by the feds when he was 19 and has been a RAT ever since.......Ths is all Hypothetical  and just all in my head...LMAO


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