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Larry Riley: Who Doesn't Want Marijuana Legal?

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Two widely and wildly disparate classes of people are unalterably opposed to the legalization of marijuana.

One is that consortium composed of law making and law enforcing folks, from legislators to prosecutors to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration to sheriffs and cops on the streets.

The other is that cabal of criminal, thugs and gangbangers who prey on addicts and society itself by acquiring and distributing cannabis.

The first group has its own litany of reasons for why society can’t bend to the desires of a large percentage of the population and legalize — and regulate the production and distribution of — this Asian plant grown so widely in the Midwest 70 years ago that feral hemp still grows uncultivated in Indiana ditches.

The biggest objection, I think, is fear that legalization will increase use of a behavior-impairing substance and significantly increase unsafe driving.

Locally, this stance was well articulated last April at a drug panel sponsored by the League of Women Voters, where Delaware County Sheriff Mike Scroggins said he hoped marijuana would “never” be legalized.

No one among forum participants, which included the Muncie mayor, police chief, county prosecutor and others, disagreed. Scroggins specifically cited his aversion to the likelihood of more young drivers high on pot cruising down county roads. Seems a small-picture approach.

The biggest objection to legalization from the second group noted above is that making weed lawfully available to adults would eliminate their biggest source of revenue, greatly downsize their criminal empires, and perhaps even cost them their jobs.

Organized, illicit enterprises make tens of billions of dollars distributing marijuana. Some knowledgeable people consider marijuana this country’s biggest cash crop: One estimate is that at $36 billion annually, the industry is larger than corn and wheat combined.

Mexican cartels that make many communities in that country unlivable (Mexico’s 2012 homicide rate was 24 per 100,000 population contrasted with our 4.2 per 100,000) make an estimated 60 percent of their profits from marijuana.

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Good read Bob!


wow mexico is trying to keep up with saginaw in the homicide stats! lol


Are there realy still mmj plants growing in ditches in indiana?  if I would have believed that when i was younger I mite have took a ride down there to see their country side. lol


it must make it hard for the fly overs in the fall there! We need to do that here, problem with that is we dont get mm with seeds any more lol, and that is a good thing, and im sure not throwing bought feminized seeds out the window lol! 


everyone that is on disability or unemployed always trys to figure out ways to make money for their familys or themselves! unfortunatley we will never get rid of the ones using our law to hide behind for ill gotten gains, so leo will always have people that break the law, just like legal alcohol, leo makes alot of cash off of that still!


I realy cant stand seeing kids high on mj they act like lil idiots, Like I acted around 35 yrs ago, It drives me nuts, I have a 14yr old stepson and a 17 yr old step daughter, he is a good boy still with good grades, his sis decided to cave to peer pressure and smoke mj, her grades are horrible, she prob wont ever graduate and she acts like a phaqing idiot when she gets high! I still love her, but I realy cant do much about it, she is gonna be 18 in oct, all I can do is make sure I dont condone it!




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