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Looking For Compassion Club Near Sturgis, Mi


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I have been trying to connect into a compassion club in our area as well with absolutely zero success.....have reached out to clubs in larger cities near us to see if they have any connections to clubs locally here with zero success also.  I am in the Union/Edwardsburg area.....I am considering starting one myself as I do not see any listed for Cass or Berrien County currently.  Let me know if you would be interested in participating.  New to MMMA site & don't recall if I linked my email here.    petitejewels@ymail.com

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Jorge Cervantes taught me enough to successfully harvest my first time out. his book is 25$ but the resources are even more valuable. Theres some dynamics in the grow room some of us overlook. Usually a pretty easy fix. Tell us some about your room, lights, soil or hydro, ph, water source, nutrients used, day/night temperatures and I bet your garden could up again before that book arrives !

I guess I would say everything.. ive done lots of research and ive had 2 nice plants die in 3 weeks.. I'm new at growing.. ide just assume have a good caregiver but can't seem to connect with one worthy had one and he didnt put up plants so ive been trying it my self with no luck

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