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I've had a patient go dark on me.  He's not returning calls anymore.  I'm wondering if he may have changed his CG without notifying me and may just want to avoid an akward conversation.  


I've heard rumors of a hotline you can call to check my card's validity.  Is there any truth to this?  Any way I can tell if my caregiver's card is still active?


I know the long term solution is to find a new patient anyways, but I'm concerned about the meantime while I find the right new patient.

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I agree with Ms Chocolate.  Assuming you have an established relationship with your patient I would most likely be concerned about their going 'dark' and pay them a visit!  Compassion is key to being a good caregiver and so you should go make sure they are okay!!


I have often been called too nice of a guy but in some cases it just feels really good to be helping people out!

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