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Well all has been well im in my 3rd week of flower. I go in my room sunday to a nice surprise of them little mite suckers. Yes I know shi**y right. Well it seems like a hit or miss from what I read with the mighty wash which I bought and I sprayed yesterday and didnt see any crawlers today (I know the eggs are still there). Well anywho to what my question is. I got off work today and went in there to check stuff out and I noticed on some of the plants the hairs are turning a orange color. Is this normal or could it be a reaction to the might wash even though its like 98 percent water?

My humidity was high but I bought a dehumidifier now my temps with lights on are 79 and 45 percent. with lights off its 67 and was high humidity of 65 percent. Using general hydroponics floranova. If that helps at all

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Azamax is the only thing ive found that works in flower that's safe to consume afterwards if you have vegging plants get some Avid or Floramite to use on your non flowering plants Mighty wash did nothing for me here .


As for the hairs turning its not unusual to see pistils changing at the end of the 3rd week .

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