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It's Someone Else's Turn

pic book

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With the coming of the MMMA there was great need for some veterans growers to give nuebeis a helping hand and lights and plants and a boost.  I got satisfaction out of teaching and helping a new CG to learn.

I've built 8 rooms and started 7 CGs with mixed success for them.  4 of 7 are still active in mmj, 2 of them as full time CGs earning their living and their rewards from mmj.

But me--I've done enuf--no more.

Someone else's turn to help the community by fronting and encouraging and correcting for the pure enjoyment of the thing. 


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I recall taking a job as a dishwasher and being trained by a guy named Muffin. Everyone knew it was about the worst job in any restaurant, yet Muffin says to me on his last day, "It's time for someone else to have all the glory". I kept that job for a full year until I gave up drinking.

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Ive been equipping new growers with cheap gear since early 2010 along with genetics until they no longer allowed us to freely do so but I still buy and donate used gear all the time most times at no cost one guy got two full 600 watt hps setups hoods bulbs cords ballast for repayment he gave me a guitar  .

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