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Auto Flowering


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yep, often. yields depend on your resources offered to the plant, but safe to count on less than an ounce of dried bud for many. Dr greenthoumbs (fast flowering) Iranian auto flower, not actually of the ruderalis , will finish in 90 days from seed, and my first one returned over 6 ounces. hashy, mediocre, but very large and pretty.


the joint doctor offers the best hybrid auto I've samples and grown, with many flavors to choose. His mixed packs rock. I finish my last couple weeks in the flowering room, but they do fine under flouro, hid, or led light. They like 24 hour intense light. do not top, you will not successfully clone it, and I suggest letting a male in the veg room to produce a thousand phenotyped seeds for your future enjoyment. I thank the pioneers like the joint doctor for these, and they show some of the highest known cbd ratios, because that's exactly where they come from, industrial autoflowering strains. enjoy !

Has anyone ever done a auto flower? If so what was your yeild and fill me in on your ups and downs if you dont mind

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