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For Those Who Have Questions About Mmj And Firearms

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I see a lot of people have been asking about firearms and medical marijuana. A while back I posed a couple of questions to Mr Komorn about this very same issue. He was kind enough to take the time to answer in great detail about it. Please listen to his information on it as it should pretty much answer any questions you have. It starts at 26:20, so you can fast forward and get right to the part.



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so, yep, you can have a gun, while growing with a permit, just don't get caught in a jurisdiction that doesn't like gun owning pot growers, and make sure your 30k legal reserve is not stored in your bank or on your property. After exhausting all of your available funds, exposing the address of the garden and all who reside, a jury may acquit you. Your gun may even be returned, if they haven't lost or destroyed it.   Well, that clears it up some I suppose.


As long as nobody knows, or connects the dots, and gov agencies don't share their info, and as long as you don't get caught and nobody ever sees, then you can do just about anything. Some things never change huh.


there's only 600 policy makers....we're not small, we're just on our knees.  hope I get to see positive politico changes before I dust.

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