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750.551 Trespass; Injuring And Destroying Medicinal Plants.


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you may be surprised to learn that they don't actually have the rights you described unless an easement already exists for purposes of a common utility line.


they must ask you for permission every time before entering private property.


if you say no they have to take you to court to procure an easement.


even the Tax assessor has to ask permission to enter your property.


they have authority but that authority comes with strings.  learn the strings and the loopholes if you don't want them there. 


post a sign.  but more important as a subcontractor for a tax assessor i was not able to cross a fence or gate without permission.   so put up a fence, sign and gate and no one is allowed entry without an appointment.


if your a renter the law says no one can enter your property for any reason without 24 hour written notice(other than to stop a loss such as fire or flood) .

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