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Grow Room Door Sign


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(that's the reason for my sign actually, and wondered if anybody's worked as a shield for them)

you got one too ?

If they end up outside of a locked grow and are surprised by the sign, i.e. they came in thinking there was an illegal grow, or just stumbled upon it, they might run the numbers in LEIN and go away if they come up valid. If they are there specifically for you or the grow, then no.

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agreed, but when mine was moved to a dedicated outdoor building .......I got a sign on the inside locked door to the grow

I really would like to have window stickers and on the door too for this reason, but don't want to share the info with the meter reader, milkman, postal gal, neighbors etc.


I sold some units in HT for a couple years. They were like a digi answering machine with magnets to sense the door being open. when it was your prerecorded voice message was announced, including a direct to the unit itself which held paperwork/cards, DL, etc. It was able to be set on the way out the door. . I believed in it mostly, but secretly I knew it wouldn't stop a cop with a solid violation and search warrant from proceeding. but it paid for the project, marketing, and made me more money that caregiving  !! tehe, many must have liked it, by the repeat sales. It fizzled eventually, HT is a grand a month advertising depending on ad size. I saw the sign, and know the OP maker, reminded me of my device.

Since the grow room door is most likely inside your house, it is too late for the sign to do anything at that point.  On the flipside, it can't hurt and it might make it look like you are crossing all your t's and dotting your i's

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