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Some Kind Of Deficiency Need Help

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4x4 secret jardin, 600hps, 6in air cooled hood, 6in inline for intake coming from a different room with lots of cold air, 7 gallon pots with fox farm ocean forest, ro water ppm is 9, temps are around 72-73 with the light on hummidity is around 35-39 night temps are 65 and hummidity is around 35, my nutes are botanicare cal-mag, pro bloom, sweet raw, hydro plex, liquid karma, i ph my water to 6.3 and my ppm is around 900

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@ 34 days my girls have only another 26 days till they finish normally. At that stage all kinds of changes take place. nutrient levels drop, just like outdoor seasons, temperatures are cooler etc. Leaves will yellow, just like in nature, and sometimes like yours they turn beautiful purple.


what makes you believe yours are ill ?

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both of my plants have leaves like that in the picture i took but they also have green healthy leaves. and they may have a nutrient lockout im not sure this is my second grow. what make me believe they are ill is because during my first grow i had a cal mag problem and it kinda looks the same i added more cal mag they may have did it

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