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Snake Oil Hucksters


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i was going to link to these snake oil salesmen, but after investigating these products, they arent worth linking to.



the problem with some of these products, like cibdex, is that they have very little cbd in them. for astronomical prices.

cibdex says 500mg bottle has 3mg per seving and 160 servings per container.
which comes out to 480mg of cbd. for $100.

realscientifichempoil or "rsho" 18% cbd rsho 10g decarbox product:
the 10g syringe contains 1800mg of cbd
so for $500 you're getting 1.8grams of cbd oil.

you should not just trust any random website hawking oil.
please do your own research and buyer beware.

theres money to be had selling oil. worth more than gold. its green gold. the gold rush is here.

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why would I censor their information from the public ?  It will still exist. and after rereading I see I only posted a link to a page with 20 or more links on it, the ones you specifically mentioned were links posted by someone else.  further reading, on page one of the thread you'll see this post also, in context with the remainder of the thread, posted by me;


"don't follow me, I suggest nothing, for any ailment, I am not a doctor, or an economics major. cbd=cbd, whether it comes from flax seed or cannabis. I believe the syringes are re packaged with the others' supply, and marked up for people hoping for a good buy.

It is definitely not a legal United States grown cannabis extraction, as none exist. It definitely contains no thc. It will not smell or taste like White Widow oil, or the like. It will taste just like the other supplier, mealy, crisp, like peanut oil some say. "


comprehende amigo?



grassmatch, you posted that rsho crap in a thread here, maybe you should edit and remove it.



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So t-pain, if someone in say Florida wants CBD to try to treat their child, where would you direct them to go to acquire a higher quality legal product? 


It is fine to say that this isn't a good enough product, but where is the better one to be found legally?  Do you have a link?


it would be cheaper to grab a couple southwest airline or greyhound bus tickets to colorado and rent a room there.


unless you think $2500 for 12g is a good price?




hemp oil: Cannabidiol 10 mg/kg


buying regular hemp oil doesnt seem price competitive. will look for alternatives.

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