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About $2M Worth Of Illegal Marijuana Seized In Dunlap Pot Bust

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FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- About $2 million worth of illegal marijuana is in the hands of the Fresno County Sheriff's Department as a result of a bust in the foothills.


Deputies seized about 200 pounds of processed pot and more than 200 marijuana plants during a bust in Dunlap. Officers were called to the house when neighbors who thought the home was vacant spotted trespassers on the property. Investigators say the suspects claimed the operation was a legal medical marijuana grow.


"The persons contacted, the persons arrested used the medical marijuana card story to try to get out of trouble, however the copies of the cards that were posted, none of those people were on sight and detective....determined this is nothing more than to be sold out on the street," said Chris Curtice with the Fresno County Sherif's Office.

Investigators also seized about $15,000 in cash and three handguns


. Authorities arrested two people during Thursday's bust 29-year-old Rudy Gonzales Rocha and 34-year-old Eloy Gonzales.

A third person, a pregnant woman who was not identified went into labor during the bust. She was taken to the hospital but authorities say she may also face drug charges.



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