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How Do You Verify A Card, Change Of Caregiver Form


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I would like some feedback on this,

a guy i don't know wants a change in caregiver , and when i asked him where he got his card he said

' 1st a pot shop   and i said wheres that he said sandusky , i knew od bigdadys over there, and a dr comes in to do evaluations

I told him i need the dr name number and would have to meet him at his dr office to vertify the paperwork,

but this place is kind of shady to me,  wondering with the new laws about bonified dr relationship if this place will hold water?

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i would be very leery in todays atmosphere...


signature mills are a very dangerous proposition to both the patient and the community.


i think a person should understand that the doctors signature on the certification document and the process to attain said signature is the most crucial part of ones ability to utilize cannabis for our own medical purposes.


the Doctor patient relationship is the first and most important part of becoming protected under the MMMA....




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I was there once. they were more concerned with informing me of a visiting doc, than details of the one and only nutrient they carried. I left quietly.

what was shady ? the doctors office, or the grow store? 


edit for add; good info here,  http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/topic/45458-cgs-better-know-their-pt-has-a-bona-fide-relationship-with-their-dr/

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