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Legal Concerns Still Surround Medical Marijuana

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Although voters approved the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act nearly six years ago and in many areas residents are able to seek treatments in compliance with the law, some legal concerns still remain.

One area of concern is for medical marijuana dispensaries, which authorities have said are not addressed in the law.

Jamie Lowell, the director of the 3rd Coast Compassion Center in Ypsilanti, said he feels the language of the state law is pretty clear, but it depends on who is looking at it.

His dispensary, 19 N. Hamilton St., is one of the first to open in the state in January 2010. He is also the chair of the Michigan chapter of the Americans for Safe Access, a national organization that promotes safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research.

The law can be interpreted based on its intent, said Lowell. He said the essence of the law is to find new ways to help people.

“People’s lives are being saved, people’s quality of life is being improved,” Lowell said. “That should really be appreciated and celebrated.”

However, he said he feels opposition to medical marijuana has been making an effort to create gray areas. Some decisions out of state courts, particularly the Michigan Court of Appeals, have made the law more prohibitive, he said.

Michael Komorn, president of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, is an outspoken proponent of medical marijuana. He has called medical marijuana prosecutions a crusade of Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette.

“Bill Schuette has caused more challenges to the implementation of the Medical Marijuana Act than anybody,” Komorn said. “It’s not even based in rational thought.

“He is literally obsessed with blocking implementation.” Continued...



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The pot laws are based on unrealized harms. IMO, unjust. As such, every person that can register, should. Every person, regardless of their condition, should take umbrage under the mj laws. It is far less of a 'crime' to take this action vs being subject to the irrational & destructive drug policies imposed upon our society. I doubt even Nixon envisioned the WOD becoming the inhumane beast it is today.

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