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Howdy Buckaroos, I'm New Here.

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Everyday I get older and uglier.  But I also get wiser.  Why did we evolve that way as humans?  We should get better looking as we get wiser.  But, alas, just an old mensch here.


With that said, I am no stranger to the marywanna.  First grew in my dorm room in 1966.  Back then it wasn't as aromatic due to the low quality so it was actually fairly easy to hide.  Nowadays we need all sorts of fancy equipment.  I remember the good old days when we grew it under a small fluorescent light and basically just had popcorn buds on the plant.  Today they're as big as my fist.  Even bigger than what I was growing in the 80s WITH HPS and nutrients, etc.  I think that the hybrids out nowadays are just so much better than we had access to back then.


Anyway, as my old roommate used to say back in the colleges, "roll a joint to a point but don't forget to lick.  Pop it in your front shirt pocket and don't forget your bic."


May the Gods smile upon you all.  Till the day we drink with Odin . . .

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